For Parents

Parents Advisory Hotline

The Parents Advisory Hotline provides free counselling services in English and Mandarin to parents. Through the hotline, CampusImpact helps parents resolve conflicts with their children and supports parents who are dealing with their children’s behavioural issues. We seek to resolve tensions between parents and their children, assist parents in dealing with rebellious children, and bridge the generation gap to foster deeper parent-child relationships. The hotline was started in 2009 and is manned by trained volunteers who are supervised by CampusImpact’s counsellor through regular case management discussions.

Hotline number: 6555 7667

Mondays to Fridays
10am – 9pm



Parenting Initiative

This programme provides parents with a networking group through which they can get community support in their parenting journey as they come together regularly through parenting talks, workshops, forums and even outings and activities. Through this, parents can get effective parenting skills and knowledge to strengthen and restore relationships in the family. Parenting talks and workshops are conducted in the centre and in various schools around Singapore throughout the year.

Public Education Through The Media

CampusImpact provides interviews to the media to encourage ongoing public education regarding parenting and youth issues. Through collaborations with our partners in the media, we hope to reach out to more parents to help them along their journey and provide useful tips and encouragement.