Preparing the New Generation

Helping Kids and Their Families Thrive

A social service agency that supports disadvantaged kids and their families by strengthening the ties between them.

We do what we do because we love children and believe they have much to offer the world. We believe that every child deserves to be healthy and fulfilled, living with dignity and self-worth, and contributing meaningfully to their families and/or community through their potential being unleashed.

How do we do it?
Across all our programmes, we seek to provide children with :
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SG Cares Volunteer Centre @ Yishun

As the SG Cares Volunteer Centre appointed by the SG Cares Office, we seek to promote volunteerism through our culture of having a positive attitude, purposeful life and pioneering spirit.

Community Partners Engaged in Yishun Town
Satisfaction Levels of Volunteers

We link up and connect our stakeholders through:

  • Quarterly Kopi Sessions with Yishun VC (networking sessions)
  • Brokering partnerships and sustainable volunteerism among community partners
  • Harnessing resources to meet community needs


We are looking for community partners who are:

  • In need of volunteers for service delivery
  • Interested to volunteer their time, skills, donations of items
  • Curate new programmes and collaborations in Yishun Town to encourage volunteerism

We aim to build and strengthen our volunteers through:

  • Experiential trainings and encouraging volunteers to step up and be Volunteer Leaders
  • Equipping volunteers with necessary skill sets through workshops 
  • Enriching our volunteers’ journey by giving them a voice to make that difference with their presence

We collectively grow and strengthen the support to our community by:

  • Facilitating collaborations between community partners (Social Service Agencies and Schools)
  • Linking and coordinating efforts between public, people and private partners to better serve Yishun town’s needs
  • Joining efforts of Social Service Agencies to collaborate with one another and together with Ground-Up Movements within Yishun town
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